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Vectorize in R

Letting the Vectorize function do the heavy-lifting when it comes to applying complicated control flows.

Jason Mercer

8 minutes read

One of the cool things about R is that it is a vectorized language. This means that you can apply a vector (i.e., a series of values) to functions like sqrt and log without the need to write a for loop. While I was naive to how useful this was when learning R, in retrospect, I now very much appreciate this behavior.

Benchmarking R and Rcpp

A speed comparison.

Jason Mercer

7 minutes read

At the UW Data Science Center we’ve been talking speed lately. Generally R is considered a somewhat slow language (though I’m not sure that’s fair). However, there are some excellent packages and interfaces that can drastically speed up R. For example, the Rcpp package acts as an interface between R and C++, thereby allowing useRs to drastically speed-up analysis – or at least that’s the idea.

Notes on using a custom domain to host the site

More notes on my journey towards static site domination.

Jason Mercer

5 minutes read

So far, in my minimal web development experience I’ve never setup a true website such that my site had it’s own domain. I’ve owned at least one domain in he past, but I only used that for email services. However, I’ve heard one can setup a GitLab (and GitHub, etc.) site with a custome domain. Since I already had a custom domain,, I thought I’d give setting up a custom domain a shot with the new site.

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